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"There are not many roads. There are many names for the same road, and this road is CONSCIOUSNESS".

Arkana12 ™ is a creatively channeled Portal that combines spirituality in action of the Arcane, «The Hanged or Pendulum» and the Divine Wisdom of the «Mystical Triangle or number 3».

Its energy is feminine, and conveys knowledge in a loving and compassionate manner. It is receptive, and reflects like a mirror without judging the information received.

Through Mindful Readings™,  Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) , this Portal opens to help healing with words, symbols, energies and images. Raising our level of consciousness and vibration, we can understand and enjoy much more the journey on this planet.

Arkana 12 ™ cannot promise to heal, but it will surely accompany you in recognizing your inner life force, in which your own healer resides.