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Maria ojos

"The wound is the place where the light enters you"

-Reading Options: 

1) Complete Reading: This reading is based on the 12 Astrological houses which offers an overview of all areas of life: personality, finances, family, etc. The interpretation is performed according to the position every Arcane takes in each of the 12 houses. Also, the Astral Map is raised as a support to verify information through the energy of planets in transit. This combination allows you to confirm, through synchronicity, the information unveiled. This is a good option to get the big picture of the energy movements and current events helping to make conscious decisions. The client can make as many questions as needed. 

Duration: 2 hours.

2) Single Reading: Based on the 12 Astrological houses and according to the position every Arcane takes in each of 12 houses, we will get a comprehensive view of all the areas of life: personality, finances, family, etc. Once the general reading is done, the client may make up to 3 questions, if desired.

Duration: 1 hour. 

3) Quick reading: This reading relates to specific questions to find a quick and accurate response about the manifested energy on the issue. The client can make as many questions as needed. 

Duration: it takes around 30 minutes depending on every case. 

Based on the data of birth place, date and time, we can have the Astral Chart, Solar Returns (annual charts) and planets in transit. That gives us a much more specific idea of ​​the energy behind the planets and solar points in the life of the person.

Their purposes, their gifts and their learning. What are the opportunities presented in the year (Solar Return) to take advantage of them in a conscious and efficient way?  What planets in transit are happening here and now, and what areas of ​​life are being influenced? The idea with this reading is to open awareness helping to make conscious decisions since Astrology is a science of self-knowledge and awakening.

Date, place and time of birth need to be provided in order to make the Astral Chart.

Duration: it may take up to 3 hours.  

Spiritual Restructuring is one of the most powerful techniques that exist to holistically work the physical and spiritual aspects in the process of healing. Robert Detzler (founder of TRE) developed this system after having worked for a long time with SRT. It is a fantastic complement that harmoniously integrates the three main aspects of life: the Physical Body, Soul and Spirit.

Basically it is a work with the physical body through Universal Energy to discharge low vibration energies, blockages, psychic wounds and programs that are located in different parts of the body causing discomfort or ailment. It is done without touching the person, so there is no need for physical presence. This allows the healing process to be done remotely. The result is great healing and physical well-being.

Duration: 1 hour.


1) Free Session:

A single session by focusing on any topic the client wants to clear and heal.

Duration: Can take up to 2 hours depending on each particular case.

2) Whole healing Session :

Four (4) sessions conducted weekly and distributed as follows:

1 -. General Session to clear conflicts and past traumatic experiences.

2 -. Session focused on investigating and clearing blockages to abundance, prosperity and success.

3 -. Session focused on investigating and clearing any program or blockade that generate negative conditions to physical / emotional / mental level.

4 -. Session focused on healing troubled relationships.

Duration: It takes 1 hr each session.

3) Healing the Inner Child Session:

This Session is focused in doing the Inner Child Archetype Progression. By doing the progression, we pull out all programs and energies accumulated in the subconscious mind that are affecting and limiting the expression of this so important archetype in our life. After the session, people manifest feeling liberated and able to freely express the nature of their Inner Child: creativity, play, joy, happiness, freedom, etc.

Duration: It takes 1 hr

4) Clearing of homes or offices: Clearing places that are loaded with emotional patterns or discordant energies from the people that live or have lived in. This is an excellent option for moving home or business into new space.

Duration: 30 minutes.

4) Clearing pets: Clearing programs and discordant energies for pets. Animals respond really fast and with great results.

Duration: 30 minutes.


Reiki is a Japanese concept translated as «Universal Life Energy». The phrase was coined by Mikao Usui to describe the energy he had contacted through years of self-preparation and dedication. In practice, in order to make contact with the energy of Reiki, one simply makes the imposition of hands on oneself (self-treatment) in certain parts of the body or on others with the use of symbols that make possible the connection with that vital energy. The result is great healing and well-being.

The practice of Reiki (for those who receive it and for whoever gives it) touches and nourishes the essence of being, and stimulates the path of human unfoldment. It can begin with something as simple as being more sensitive to what the body needs nutritionally: discovering and curing repressed emotional traumas, awakening personal innate gifts, deepening the ability to nurture relationships with other human beings, or finding and developing the craft, work, profession or purpose which is the truest expression of your authentic Self.

Duration: 45 minutes.