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Mindful Readings


Mindful Readings ™ are readings done in the vibration of the Here and Now. They are non-predictive readings. Not aimed to predict the future, because the future does not exist, not by default. One builds the future daily according to the choices one makes in the Present moment. We humans have the tendency to repeat patterns, to be mechanical, and to act with no consciousness. Mindful Readings reflects those tendencies helping to be aware of our own creations in order to do the changes needed.

These guidance readings describe the energies that are manifesting in the immediate reality. By knowing the Planetary energy and the Archetypal influences, we can make better and informed decisions. Through the Tarot and Astrology as systems of self-knowledge, we can recognize the kind of vibration our thoughts, emotions and actions are producing and reproducing in our immediate environment.

Tarot and Astrology are tools that have been used since ancient times as guiding Oracles extracting knowledge from observation of the nature and human behavior. However, with the passage of time, its original meaning was distorted, degenerated to the simple «predicting the future» function.

We believe that although there is a Purpose of Life, a mission that the soul decided to live and experience before incarnating, the ways to reach that Destiny, we choose them through our daily actions and decision. The more aware we are, the more loving and freeing our choices are.

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